Music Artist Merchandise Store

Music Artist Merchandise Store

Project overview

Faraway Martin is a musician that was looking to sell merchandise, advertise tickets to upcoming gigs & share links to his latest releases.

Faraway Martin
Oct 2022
Design | Development
Webflow | Printful | Stripe | PayPal | Cloudflare


Faraway Martin had a non-functioning website that he sought to revive. We worked on securing his domain again and migrating it first to Cloudflare for ease of DNS management. Then we proceeded to showcase a number of designs he could take inspiration from. After defining the pages he wanted included, we set about developing them in the style he had selected. Printful was then setup and the integration to automatically add products to his store was enabled. We then left a number of guide videos to help him update his tour dates, payment information & products going forward.

Project results

Faraway Martin now has an e-commerce store that has fully automated merchandise fufilment & delivery. The website also includes a media press kit, links to his latest music & his upcoming tour dates.

Music Artist Merchandise Store

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Martina Fitzgerald
Scale Ireland

“Luke transformed the Scale Ireland website using his technical expertise and excellent presentation and messaging skills. The number of visits to our site increased significantly and the feedback has been great. I would highly recommend him.

Noel Rock
Pixel Consulting

"Luke was a first-class web development consultant on some work I commissioned in 2021. Easy to communicate with, understood the ask, made suggestions that improved the project. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody."

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