Public Affairs Consulting Agency (Acquired)

Public Affairs Consulting Agency (Acquired)

Project overview

Pixel is a strategic consulting firm that works primarily with companies in the tech industry. It sought to create a marketing website to streamline inquiries from future prospects & clearly articulate its value proposition.

Pixel Strategic Consulting
Development | Design


Pixel Strategic Consulting had no pre existing web presence. We identified a number of showcase websites which enabled the client to see what was possible and select a design that they preferred. Then we set about creating the website based on their brand kit provided and selected style. The first draft of the website was ready for review within two days.

Project results

Pixel Strategic Consulting was recently acquired after continuing to successfully grow & scale its operations in Ireland. It secured contracts with companies including Google, Manna Aero, Scale Ireland & many more.

Public Affairs Consulting Agency (Acquired)

What our clients say.

Martina Fitzgerald
Scale Ireland

“Luke transformed the Scale Ireland website using his technical expertise and excellent presentation and messaging skills. The number of visits to our site increased significantly and the feedback has been great. I would highly recommend him.

Noel Rock
Pixel Consulting

"Luke was a first-class web development consultant on some work I commissioned in 2021. Easy to communicate with, understood the ask, made suggestions that improved the project. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody."

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