Non-Profit Membership Organisation

Non-Profit Membership Organisation

Project overview

Scale Ireland is a non-for-profit that represents Ireland's technology startups & scaleups. It wanted to create a memberships platform to help increase their mandate as well as improve how their community accesses resources, tools and discounts.

Scale Ireland
Webflow | Memberstack | Stripe | Zapier | Airtable | HubSpot | Mailchimp


The Scale Ireland marketing website was previously hosted on Squarespace. Develoy migrated it to Webflow and set up a full stack system to automate a number of workflows via Zapier, improve the database through Airtable, enable customer support messaging through HubSpot and enhanced the email marketing via Mailchimp.

Through providing technology support as a service, we then continuously improved the stack to include a members only section using Memberstack and Stripe. In an effort to keep the number of tools used to a minimum, reduce the cost of operating the platform and increase the efficiency at managing the scaling membership model, we opted to migrate to Outseta.

Project results

Scale Ireland is now able to receive contributions from its members bringing in a significant amount of revenue to create a sustainable organisation, lists over €750k in perks for its community & has an active content management system that features the latest industry news, events & reports.

Develoy provides a dedicated point of contact to make updates to the site within a 24 hour period to ease the administrative burden on the core team which focuses primarily on events, research and communications.

Non-Profit Membership Organisation

What our clients say.

Martina Fitzgerald
Scale Ireland

“Luke transformed the Scale Ireland website using his technical expertise and excellent presentation and messaging skills. The number of visits to our site increased significantly and the feedback has been great. I would highly recommend him.

Noel Rock
Pixel Consulting

"Luke was a first-class web development consultant on some work I commissioned in 2021. Easy to communicate with, understood the ask, made suggestions that improved the project. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody."

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